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OsParking - Parking Lot Management Program

OsParking offers unique wide variety of intelligent features
- It uses MySQL Parking Lot database which consists of 13 tables for vehicles, owners, parking records, among
- It supports both serial and TCP/IP communication with added Peripheral Devices such as camera, gate bar,
and E- board.
- It supports various types of Camera, Gate bar, Electronic display with modular program structure.
- It requires external LPR module that recognizes plate number out of the car images.
- It supports various monitor sizes using flexible OsParking GUI Form.
- It can easily modify the number of gates controlled by one OsParking program. Currently, it supports
up to two gates.
- It provides performance statistics report, normal operation logging for debugging purposes and exceptional
event logging for documentary information.
- It has the memory footprint of up to 300MB.
OsParking Advantages
Aside from its unique features, the program also provides the following advantages:
- Speedy processing - OsParking demonstrates the fastest performance of only 0.02 seconds of passing delay on
average with simulators running on two computers connected through intra net. The passing delay is the
recorded time from the delivery of the first byte of vehicle image to the reception of acknowledgement sent
from the gate bar for the gate open command.
After all, the total OsParking processing delay is “LPR module time” + (our)0.02 seconds on average.
- Low cost - OsParking is developed using various GPL supporting softwares like Java, NetBeans, MySql, etc.
Our OsParking itself is GPL v 3.0 and three device simulator programs are GPL v3.0, too. Compared to other
parking lot management software which uses proprietary software, OsParking is the most cost effective and
affordable in the market.
- Expert Creation- More than 90% of the source code of OsParking is written by a Ph.D. degree holder in
computer science, Dr. Park, Jongbum.
- Most Innovative- (South Korea) Patent Requested, technology is first implemented in the affiliation and
building information input ComboBox hierarchies in OsParking.

Simulation Structure

- OsParking Simulator Interaction

This is how OsParking system works.

A. Camera Simulator

- Camera GUI

- Randomly chooses one out of six sample car images and
sends it to OsParking.
(OsParking database has 1,000 resistered cars for the
experimental run.)
- Keeps sending the same image until it gets acknowledge-
ment from OsParking.
- Pauses for a randomly chosen interval of 2 to 20 seconds

before it repeats the two steps above.
B. OsParking(Parking Lot Manager)
- Receives car image from Camera and extracts car plate number (Since LPR module is excluded from the
simulator, OsParking determines plate number using the image file size).
- Accesses parking lot database to check registration status of the plate number determined.
- Sends a gate open command to the GateBar Simulator and keeps sending the command until it gets an ACK
signal from the simulator.
- Sends a message display command to the E-Board simulator and keeps sending the command until it gets ACK
back from the simulator.
C. E-Board Simulator

E-Board GUI

- After getting a display message command, it stops dis-
playing a default message and begins displaying the deli-
vered message on the designated row.
- For each display message command received, it sends
back an ACK signal to the OsParking.
- After displaying the message for the ordered duration,
it returns to the default message.
D. Gate Bar Simulator

Gate Bar GUI

- After getting a gate open command, it responds with an
ACK signal and opens the gate at the same time.
- After the delay expired, it closes the gate bar which will
make E_Board and GateBar look operates in a
synchronized way to a simulated car arrival.