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Welcome to Open Source Parking Inc.,
Having an extensive background as a programmer leads us to a peculiar fact that most of the enterprises are
building identical proprietary parking lot management softwares.
This reality further opens predicaments which include:
- Waste of programming efforts. This happens when many programmers are offering identical replica softwares;
- Absence of a standard parking management software and hardware components. This leads to a low compatibility among system components.
- Unethical practice or inefficient software products.

In addition to my programming skills and a solid doctorate degree from the University of Florida, I believed that it was high time to develop a Parking Lot Management Program and provide it as an open source solution.

This lead to the birth of the "Open Source Parking Incorporated: (2015). From then on, we have been coding OsParking- parking lot management software. In this process we have adopted various kinds of open source tools.

We call on software developers around the globe to utilize our state of the art services and give us a feedback so we can prosper together. The more you extensively utilize our dynamic solutions to your parking needs, the faster it will be revitalized and be more economical and standardized solutions.

Aside from this feature, we also provide an innovative "combo box input method"- patent requested in Korea early 2015. Our combo box input method offers a technique where a selection of lower layer item can have the effect of selecting a higher layer box items automatically. A video on our patent requested technology is uploaded on youtube (

Disclaimer : OsParking does not provide car tag number recognition out of image files.

Application date : 2015.04.21
Country : South Korea

Thank you very much for visiting our OsParking.

Dr. Park, Jongbum

Open Source Parking Inc.
South Korea

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